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I've been very fortunate to have had the chance to work in various industries and used a wide range of tools and technologies. Through these opportunities, I've had exposure to various design principles and project methodologies that I continue to use today to help me make the best possible decisions when crafting software.

I have 3+ years experience of leading and managing development teams, helping with technical decisions, best practice, personal development and performance reviews.

I've also had the opportunity to operate my own business for 4 years. This was an invaluable experience where I had to secure projects, manage finances, oversee marketing campaigns as well as develop software.

My experience has largely been focused around web development, specifically ASP.NET Core Web Rest APIs, Azure Service Bus, Azure Functions, Azure Table Storage, Azure Cosmos, etc.

I specialize in C# and the .NET environment alongside MS Azure, but love learning new skills and tools that can improve the quality of the software I produce.

In my spare time, I love keeping fit, geeking out with my Netduino and Raspberry Pi...in between spending time with my wife a

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Belfast, Down - United Kingdom

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