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A hard-working, motivated, ambitious, and driven developer who enjoys refactoring "temporary" code and tackling challenging problems. I have experience designing and building .NET Core systems and maintaining(and transitioning) legacy .Net Framework MVC applications.

I know C#, VB, and Javascript. I also know HTML/CSS, and SQL. I'm also familiar with TDD, BDD and DDD although my current company does not practice them.

In addition to my technical skills, I also have some experience managing people in a non-software-related field. I am able to break down complicated ideas and topics for non-technical people. While i'm capable of working in a team environment I generally prefer complete ownership over the tasks I'm set, but I still enjoy the safety net of a team should I require help.

I'm only interested in positions that can offer me something new to dig into, learn, and grow my skills as a developer. Working in an office is preferred, but not required. I'm actually rather happy at my work right now and I will probably not accept any offers below £60,000.

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Tadley, Hampshire - United Kingdom

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