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Full Stack Developer / DevOps (Full Time)
7430 Digital Technologies - Houston, TX November 2021 to January 2023
• Wrote Business Logic in class libraries and mounted APIs to the resulting Assemblies using a Mediator Pattern (MediatR Library). Making it possible to reuse the class library across multiple API protocols(HTTP, WebSockets etc).
• Wrote unit test in XUnit and NUnit heavily using Mock for mocking out dependencies.
• Wrote a CI/CD pipeline in Azure DevOps for deploying containers to Windows servers.
• Integrated AuthO, and Azure B2C providers in REST APIs.
• Wrote Services with CRUD operations on Azurite Storage.
• Successfully improved speed, resource usage and resiliency in an existing NodeJS microservices backend by switching from HTTP 1 protocol to gRPC for IPC.
• Implemented unit of work and repository pattern to conform to the ATOMIC standard when reading and writing from a data store.

Full Stack Developer (Contract)
RespectedFx - Lagos
September 2022 to November 2022
• Built and Administrative Backend using C#/.NET 6/EntityFramework (MySql). A notable feature was a Redis-based OTP AUTH pass for an added layer of security to high privileged services. I also packaged this as a Docker Image.
• Translated the Figma design of the Admin Backend to a UI using Angular 13(with TypeScript), and packaged it as a Docker Image.
• Built a messaging Microservice for relating transactional emails via SMTP leveraging RabbitMQ for Queuing in a .NET 6 worker Service. I designed the email template using MJML.
• Created a background service for receiving up-to-date currency exchange rate via polling using .NET 6 worker SDK (HttpClient, Polly).

Full Stack Developer (Full-Time)
Dual Sight Ltd. - Calabar, Lagos October 2019 to December 2021
• Built a support ticketing system using c#/.NET core 5 and signalR with a postgres Database. The application was used internally and publicly for documenting and resolving issues across many services in the company.
• Collaborated (using Git) on a Bookkeeping SAAS system using MongoDB with OCR and a search engine leveraging Elasticsearch.
• Containerised Backends and Frontends using Docker.
• Worte CRUD APIs in Express and NodeJs.
• Implemented an enterprise bus with AMQP exchanges. Exposed this as a server-streaming gRPC endpoint, making it beyond easy to publish and consume integration events using protobufs, from any backend. This bridged a set of NodeJS, Go and .NET backends.
• Ported a lot of JavaScript projects to TypeScript with bulletproof ESLint and Prettier rules for coding standards and formatting, thereby converting a lot of barely-readable/unmaintainable apps into formatted, well-structured/ and maintainable apps.
• Brought code quality to a couple of e-commerce and fintech apps by introducing unit, integration and e2e tests. The most interesting environment setups are for integration, where I spawn real infra like PostgreSQL server, Redis server, RabbitMQ server, etc. during test setup, using Docker APIs, and then drive the test suites with the infra.
• Introduced mediator pattern in a multi-protocol (REST) C#/.NET project, thereby eliminating redundant DTOs, promoting reuse by refactoring business logic and validation to a newly introduced domain layer (class library), making controllers and services cleaner and more maintainable.
• Built Telegram bots for user-based notifications, OTP relaying and priority alerts for proprietary business kernels.
• Setup matrix builds on GitHub workflows (Actions) for multiple NodeJS/.NET SDK versions, OS types/ versions and Docker daemon to back integration/e2e tests.
• Leveraged Flutterwave, Paystack and ReadyCash wallet API's to build a proprietary invoice and payments suite, with physical banking card and POS integrations.
• Collaborated on microservice and data design, bulletproofing service integrations and comms against exploitation.

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