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.Net dev with a decade of experience across a range of industries

I have been working with .net extensively over the past decade. Ranging from WPF desktop applications to Blazor websites and more recently, have been looking into cross-platform MAUI applications.

I have a varied background, ranging from the games industry to the blockchain / web3 arena. Alongside .net, I also have strengths in the following technologies:
- Blazor
- Azure
- Serverless Functions
- API Management
- Bootstrap
- Redux

I am currently working on ESF Tools along with my business partner. We are developing a service allowing people to sell subdomains of their top level ENS domains on Ethereum. Previous to this I have experience building a number of Web3 tools and utilites, a number of desktop applications mainly based around desktop automation tasks, a fully fledged desktop project management application...

I am an overall well rounded .net dev, with knowledge across the stack. I am constantly engaged with the latest .net releases and news.

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Cambridge, England - United Kingdom

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