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Enterprise Mobile Developer (.NET • C# • Xamarin • MAUI • DevOps) 📱🐳

I architects, design, and develop Enterprise mobile apps and Microservices-based applications in .NET Core and Automatonymous (SAGA State machine & Futures).

Highly proficient in the following:
● .NET / C#
● Xamarin / .NET MAUI (iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Tizen)
● WinUI / UWP
● Azure / AWS / Google Cloud
● ASP.NET Core (Microservices)
● REST API Integration
● Data Analytics (Firebase Google Analytics, AppCenter)

Furthermore, I use the DevOps approach to frequently deliver apps to customers by setting up CI/CD pipeline and automating the deployment and release process. The following tools I use for this approach:
● Azure DevOps
● GitHub Actions
● Jenkins
● Gitlab CI

From startups to the enterprise world, I've worked on various SaaS products targeting multiple Industries like Finance, Marketplace, E-commerce, and Insurance, Water management systems.

In 7 years of working primarily with US and European clients/companies, I've always been assured of delivering quality work by understanding and breaking down the process.

Voluntarily love to create, work, and contribute to sustainable open-source products (Environment and Climate-friendly 🌏 + 🌱 = ❤️) which make a significant impact in making our planet cleaner and Green primarily by reducing CO2 emissions.

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Rawalpindi, Punjab - Pakistan

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