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Independent Consultant/Web Developer (C#/Blazor/MAUI/Sql Server/Asp.net core/Aws/Azure)

.NET full stack developer/creative web architect have been developing web application from past 15+ years using Microsoft's ASP.NET related technology like Asp.net Core, Blazor Web assembly, Blazor server, Asp.net Core MVC, C#, SQL Server, MySQL, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, Knockoutjs, Web API, WCF, Web Service, AngularJs, Angular, LINQ, Entity Framework, SignalR, Bunit and Nunit

Currently I'm working as independent consultant on Blazor Web assembly, Blazor server, EF Core, SQL server, Azure and AWS. I have completed 30+ real time projects on Blazor.

I have expertise skills on Blazor server and web assembly. If you are looking to develop cool product using this technology, then feel free to contact me.

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Bangalore, Karnataka - India

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