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An experienced software developer who is continuing to learn.

I am a .NET Developer with five years experience primarily in backend development. C#.NET has been a passion of mine for several years, starting with getting my feet wet in college, to building some personal projects, to building multi-user systems for business. By studying in the .NET ecosystem, I was able to build my skills with Microsoft SQL Server and utilized tools like Entity Framework Core and GitHub.

💻About my skills:
✅ Back-End
• C#
• .NET Framework 4.7.2
• .NET Framework 4.8
• .NET Core
• .NET 5
• .NET 6
• .NET 7
• Entity Framework Core 6
• Entity Framework Core 7

✅ Database
• Microsoft SQL Server 2016
• Microsoft SQL Server 2017
• Microsoft SQL Server 2019

✅ Front-End
• Blazor Server
• Blazor WASM

🌍Only interested in remote development work.

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Roseburg, Oregon - United States

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