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Senior .NET Developer, 2x Microsoft MVP, 9x Microsoft Certified

Hi, I'm Luis Felipe! I'm a Brazilan Developer who started programming 15 years ago, with Delphi, and in the following year got the opportunity to write the first C# code, and then fell in love.

My education consists of a major in System Analysis and Development and a specialization degree in Solution Architecture. I also studied Computing Engineering in Madrid for a year.

My professional experience started in 2017 as a Junior .NET Developer, maintaining 4 Web Forms applications, 1 ASP.NET Core application, and 2 Windows Forms desktop apps. I was the only developer on the team, and it was a great and challenging experience! Since then, I worked on several projects, using languages and technologies such as C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET Core MVC, Angular, React, Vue, Microsoft Azure, AWS, Azure DevOps, Docker, Terraform, and many many more.

I have experience working fully-remote for international companies, such as from Ireland and the United States.

I am passionate about delivering high-quality solutions and helping the team through technical presentations and documentation. I have been an instructor and mentor for the last 3 years, focused on .NET Developers.

Content production is another thing I am passionate about. I love to contribute to the tech community, and I have been doing it for the last 5 years. Microsoft recognized my work twice, giving me the Microsoft MVP award for the last two years.

Finally, I like to challenge myself by learning new technologies and taking certification exams. So far I have 9 Microsoft certifications, and I have at least two more coming up this year. Also, I want to start taking AWS certifications.

Outside my work, I like to read books, travel to new places, watch TV shows, and play electronic games.

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Natal, Rio Grande do Norte - Brazil

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