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Backend Engineer || Cloud || Azure Certified(AZ-204) || DevOps

As a backend engineer, I believe I have the ability to turn my passion into action. For instance, I worked on DignaCare with little knowledge of backend development and turned the prototype into a fully operational system that served real customers. I learned and implemented necessary technologies such as C#, Azure, and DevOps on the fly. Being an Azure certified developer (AZ- 204), I demonstrate my proficiency for cloud technologies. Moreover, I am keen to explore opportunities to work with Golang and Java as well. Plus I love IoT industry, but open for all. If you believe that my skills and experience match the requirements for any position in your company, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Technical Certification:
AZ-204: Azure Developer Associate
Link: https://www.credly.com/badges/45a48ee5-2f9d-4e11-af30-86e163f0a9b6

- C#
- ASP.NET Core
- Entity Framework Core
- SignalR
- xUnit
- NodeJS
- NestJS
- Python
- Powershell
- Dapr
- Docker
- Azure AD
- Azure Cloud
- Azure DevOps
- MongoDB
- Redis

Work Experience:
Brain Station 23: 2018(June) - Present
Link: https://brainstation-23.com/
Projects under Brain Station 23:
TechStep (Device Lifecycle Management) - 2022(July)-Present:
Link: https://www.techstep.io/
- TechStep Device Lifecycle Management Solution simplifies and digitizes the lifecycle management for all mobile devices within a company. The customer base includes many large corporations such as Telenor and so on.
- The solution includes an Angular-based web portal and a microservice-based backend system developed using C#, ASP.NET Core, EFCore, and Dapr. Azure SQL is the main database and redis is used for caching purposes.It is deployed in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and uses Azure Pipelines to facilitate the CI/CD process.
- As one of the Backend Tech Leads of this project, I implement new product features at the Backend side using the technologies mentioned and maintain system stability. I have made a significant contribution to the Redis and pub/sub implementation through Dapr RedisStore and Dapr Pub/Sub which reduces the latency from several seconds to milliseconds.
- I also write unit and integration tests using xUnit on regular basis in order to ensure the quality of the system.
- Additionally, I contribute to operation-related tasks, such as coordinating with the operation teams and developing and maintaining the CI/CD pipelines. Plus, currently I am learning and taking over our Kubernetes cluster.

DignaCare - 2019(June) - 2022(July):
Link: https://dignacare.com/
- DignaCare is a flexible sensor that easily attaches to the exterior of an incontinence product, and alerts staff when a change is necessary through a user-friendly app and web portal.
- Initially, the solution had a NodeJS-based IoT data processor and a CouchDB. Both of them were hosted on an AWS EC2 instance. The major problem it had was that the data processor used to crash at least once a month, which impacted the entire operation.
- I first re-designed the IoT data processor from scratch using serverless technologies such as Azure Functions, Event Hub, Service Bus, Redis, Blob Storage, and MongoDB Atlas. This approach 100% solved all the severe issues it had and provided better performance. Plus it becomes resilient enough to handle millions of IoT data.
- The System is used by 500 Users at least. Soon the number will reach to ~2000.
- I also developed a NestJS-based API to serve the needs of the mobile app and user portal. Finally hosted them on Azure using Docker, Azure App Service, which provided ease of maintenance, better performance, and predictable cost.
- Later on, in early 2021, I, along with my tech lead, migrated the entire system from NodeJS to C# and ASP.NET Core. In addition to the existing Infrastructure, we added Azure SQL Database, Azure SignalR and Azure AD.
- I was the main person behind integrating Azure AD and Azure SignalR.
- Additionally, I developed and made significant contributions to the Azure pipelines to facilitate the CI/CD process.

Meed Banking Club:
- Meed is a digital banking club that provides members with access to state-of-the-art mobile banking.
- I played the role of a mid-level full-stack developer and contributed in both the backend and frontend applications. It tech stack included NodeJS and Angular

Psionic - 2016(October) - 2018(May):
- I played the role of a Junior Software developer and worked on several backend projects using
PHP and MySQL. In addition, I have developed numerous Angular-based applications.

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