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.NET problem solver who loves algorithms with 5 years of experience

I am a software developer with a passion for mathematics, physics, and programming. My interest in these areas began during my time in a special mathematics gymnasium, where I competed in math and programming competitions. This experience fueled my love for algorithmic problem-solving, and I have continued to hone my skills through university and professional work.

During my studies, I maintained a GPA of 9.69 out of 10, demonstrating my dedication to academic excellence. I also gained valuable industry experience through a part-time position at Panonit, where I played a key role in one of the company's largest projects. This experience taught me many various things that I still practice. In addition to my work at Panonit, I have also contributed to the field of deep learning through a part-time position in research at Codolis.

Most recently, I have worked as a backend developer at Continental, where I have continued to develop my skills in software design, implementation, and testing. Through my various experiences, I have gained a unique perspective and skill set that allows me to tackle complex problems with creativity and efficiency.

Overall, I love math, deep learning, chess, and coding :)

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Novi Sad, Vojvodina - Serbia

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