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C# Software Engineer | C#, Microservices, Azure, Postgres | Quality and reliability take time

Hi everybody!
I am Software Engineer (NET+SQL principally) with 10+ years of industry experience. Сan take part in complete product development lifecycle, from a user story to a ready feature in an application.
Can work with distributed systems, cloud solutions, message brokers, Sql/Mongo, high load, algorithms

What I like about work: predictability, support for Work-Life Balance values
I consider as disadvantages: hasty decisions, the presence of architecture and code that could be shorter and simpler.

My technical skills:
• General: C# .NET Framework & Core, Relational Database design, Sql, Web Services, Algorithms
• Infrastructure: MsSqlServer, Postgres, RabbitMq, Azure, MongoDb, Docker
• Libs: Asp.Net Core, WCF, WPF, MassTransit
• Testing: NUnit, xUnit
• Tools: Git, TFS, Jira, Confluence
• Patterns: Distributed system patterns, Asynchronous programming patterns, REST, MVVP, Clean Architecture

• Successfully designed and implemented a number of key microservices in the process of monolith decomposition in a large government bank.
• Developed high-load REST microservices within the IoT system. The system has been successfully released to manage tens of thousands of electricity meters in high-rise areas of Moscow.
• Implemented ElasticSearch/Mongo solutions to speed up work with documents by 5-10 times.

Now I am searching for understandable and predictable work pace without often changing work-context, haste decisions and overtimes because in my opinion this is the reason for the growth techincal debt, unneccesarry redesigning and ultimatly waste time.
Generaly I consider that friendly team and clearly defined tasks are essential part for fast and effective software development.

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