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Highly Prolific full-stack developer (.Net and React) 4 years experience

Full Stack Developer (Full-Time)
OriginSwift LTD. - Lagos
February 2022 to Present
My duties at OriginSwift LTD included maintaining and updating the Blog Hub software and GUI interface for their blog Portal, which allowed Users and Admins access to their own blog posts and personal information and reports. My understanding of ASP.NET Web API afforded me the opportunity to work for this small blog company and serve as their primary web developer. As such, I was responsible for website updates, fixes, and new items to be placed on the website through the usage of C#, .NET 6, EntityFramework, PostgreSQL, HTML & Css, and served as the full-stack developer.
My accomplishments include new layout design for the Admins portal connected to their website, as well as the creation of responsive designs to enhance their website. I also did some SEO work and made both the script and design code run more efficiently. I was also responsible for designing and implementing a notification microservice for delivering transactional email notification via SMTP using HTML for the email template and RabbitMQ for queuing. On the blog side, I was responsible for the development of many of their new GUI interfaces and report systems.
~ Updating existing site with more modern designs and techniques
~ Increasing website performance using SEO best practices (Next JS)
~ Incorporating responsive web techniques through the usage of React and CSS
~ Implementing JWT and custom authorization middleware for securing endpoints.
~ Introducing dependency injection to react frontend project to reduce redundant api calls.

Backend Developer (Full-Time)
Dual Sight Ltd - Calabar, Lagos
January 2021 to January 2022
As a web developer at Dual Sight Ltd, I was a member of a team that implemented repository pattern and unit of work to ensure consistency and optimize CRUD operations to the data store.
I was responsible for both front and back end development. We used a collection of technologies for our underlying structures. There, my knowledge of C#, .NET, HTML, CSS, TypeScript and Javascript expanded, while I gained experience using some of the best modern front-end frameworks such as Bootstrap and React; Node.js, NPM. As a team, we introduced mediator pattern in a multi-protocol (REST) C#/.NET project, which eliminated redundant DTOs, thus making controllers and services cleaner and more maintainable.
As a member of this team, I also gained some experience in CRUD APIs in Express and NodeJs.
~ 0Auth and OID connect for single sign-on identity to a legacy codebase.
~ JavaScript to TypeScript conversion and vice versa with Prettier and ESLint rules for formatting and coding standards
~ Docker and app containerization.

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