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I'm a dev with 14 years of experience. Architecture, cloud, agile.

I'm a system engineer with 14 years of experience in technology projects. I have high ability to work as:

* Architect.
* Technical lead - manager.
* Enterprise applications development.

Great experience in agile software development methodologies (SCRUM, KANBAN).

Latest experience:
Project 1
Credit card mobile application (iOS/Android), an web application management. Backend on .net and deployed on AWS Kubernetes.
Applied knowledge (Technologies and methodologies): SCRUM, Microsoft technologies (.Net 6 / C#, Blazor), MySQL, AWS, Docker, Kubernates.

Project 3.
Proof of Concept of a federated query system using several datasources.
Applied knowledge (Technologies and methodologies): SCRUM/KANBAN process, Microsoft technologies (.Net 6 / C# / F#, Blazor), Azure (IoTHub, Functions, Cosmos MongoDB API), Docker, Kubernates, Helm, Trino, Yugabyte.

Project 2.
Development of a platform using Event Sourcing, DDD, Microservices, for the implementation of SAAS deployed in Azure.
Applied knowledge (Technologies and methodologies): SCRUM/KANBAN process, Microsoft technologies (.Net Core / .Net 5 / C# / F#), Azure, Docker, Kubernates, Helm.

Project 1.
Implementation of a platform for the certification and sale of electrical devices using an architecture oriented to microservices. Each microservice is implemented internally under the Clean Architecture design scheme. The platform is deployed in Azure using Kubernates. Azure DevOps is also used for all the development lifecycle, including to automate CI/CD.
Applied knowledge (Technologies and methodologies): SCRUM process, Microsoft technologies (.Net Core, SQL Server), Redis, RabbitMQ, Azure Service Bus, gRPC, Azure Functions, Docker, Kubernates, Helm.

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