Hi, I'm Wes 👋 I'm building DotnetDevs to make it easier for .NET developers to find their next gig.

DotnetDevs is built around a couple core values:

  1. Empowering developers
  2. Developers & companies communicate directly
  3. Doing everything in public

Empowering developers

Finding work as a developer can be overwhelming and stressful. The responsibility of work is almost all on the developer. Scouring job boards, writing cover letters, and filling out application after application.

DotnetDevs goal is to give power back to developers. Instead of companies posting thier jobs, developers post thier profiles. This way the power dynamic is reversed as companies have to reach out to you first.

Developers & companies communicate directly

One of the main problems with Linkedin is getting spammed by recruiters about job openings.

DotnetDevs does not allow recruiters on the platform unless they work for the company hiring. This way your always communicating with the company wanting to hire you.

Doing everything in public

DotnetDevs is a Open Startup and is open source. This means it operates in full transparency and shares it's revenue and traffic metrics.

I also build in public. This means I share my dececions and build new features for everyone to see. You can follow along with my progress on Twitter.

I want to give a special thanks to Joe Masilotti. Joe is the creator of RailsDevs and has used his experience of running a reverse job board to help me launch DotnetDevs.

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